Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Safety

Keep the Holidays Safe

The holiday season are a treasured moments that bring family and friends together to give thanks for all that they have in their lives as well as to enjoy some great food. But, did you know that Thanksgiving is also the one day of the year with the highest incidence of fires involving cooking equipment? It has been estimated that more than 4,000 fires occur on Thanksgiving Day alone!
Keep everyone, especially children safe by following some of these “common sense” tips during the Holiday season:
·      Don't leave the kitchen while frying, grilling or cooking food on your stovetop, and never leave your home while food is cooking.
·      Use a timer and do frequent checks when simmering, baking, broiling and roasting food.
·      If you are deep frying a turkey, keep the fryer outside away from walls, fences and other structures.
·      Also, keep the fryer away from moisture to avoid burns from steam and spattering oil.
·      Keep pot holders, food wrappers, and most importantly children, at least 3 feet away from the stove or other hot surfaces.
·      Make sure the handles of pots and pans on your stovetop are facing inward.
·      Avoid wearing loose clothing, especially with long sleeves, while cooking.
·      And make sure all candles and smoking materials are put out after the guests leave and never leave children alone in a room with a lit candle.
·      Make sure electric cords are not dangling off the counter within reach of children
·      Test your smoke alarms to make sure that they are in working order.

            Follow these simple rules to make sure that the hottest thing you encounter this Holiday season is your turkey, ham and stuffing! Remember that security is more than just guarding against external threats to your well-being. 

Have a Happy, and Safe, Holiday!
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